Being able to promote your band using customized band t-shirts are relatively easy. Faithful listeners spend their cash in wearing custom band shirts if they truly love your music. It'll be more profitable than what you have imagined. Majority of the screen printing companies have graphic artists that can help you in the procedure.


If for example that you're doing high quantity of custom shirts, you can bring the cost down to under 5 dollars each and these shirts have been selling for as much as 40 bucks. That's a big profit for your band for sure. You can even print crew neck sweatshirts or hooded sweatshirts if you want. There are literally hundreds of branding ideas that you could use in promoting your brand. Custom buttons, hats and pins, custom printed ringer shirts or tye dye shirts with customized screen print on it.


Let your imagination flow when designing the graphics for your band t-shirt. To get some ideas for design, here are some tips that you may want to consider.


Band shirts are perfect promotional souvenirs - regardless of the genre of your music or your personal style, custom shirts are an easy and fun way of promoting and representing yourself or band. They can be as loud and crazy as you are or even show off your artistic side. Say for example that you have band logo, you should use it. Album covers, performance dates, members names as well as locations can be a part of your design.

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Vintage black sabbath t shirt have never been more in-demand or popular - fans do love letting the world know about their favorites and wearing custom shirts is among the most visible and easiest ways of doing that. People will be so proud in wearing band shirts without realizing that it is you who are doing great favor, which is free advertising. Well of course, there's the money making aspect to take into account too. Custom band t-shirts are more economical than before and many fans pay quickly to get a souvenir shirt more than the cost of creating it. So why would you pass up on this opportunity to be paid and promote your brand at the same time.



Shows and concerts are exciting and fun for both the audience and the band. There is no better token than custom band t-shirt that'll be worn time and time again. Creating a design, have the shirt made and enjoyed knowing that your band would be appreciated and remembered for the following years to come,view here!